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Some Before and after photos
All procedures are performed by Dr. Rasekh unless otherwise indicated

Cosmetic veneers and Implant

L.P received an implant to replace the missing tooth along with 7 high esthetic crowns and veneers to resolve crowing, correct bite and protect the chipped and worn out teeth. 


Minimally invasive veneers can be life changing. They protect your teeth from further chips and cracks, while correcting any misalignment and imperfections.


M.C was born with peg laterals, a dental anomaly in which lateral incisors in the upper teeth are small and pegged shaped (green arrows in the before picture). Over time the pointy teeth were bonded many times with composite material to make them look like normal teeth but they kept getting discolored. Two ultra-thin porcelain veneers, custom shaded and glazed by the lab to match her other teeth were placed to protect and restore those teeth. 


This was a great case. Minimally invasive crowns and veneers is a great way to refresh your smile. K.M had 4 veneers done previously but they were "dingy and uneven". 


Some call it "The Brazilian", we call it hygienic retainers. Often times the wires prevent people from properly flossing, these genius retainers allow the floss to glide in between the teeth as if they were not there!


C.G. Wanted a smile that would give her the confidence she needs in her line of work. Now she feels confident enough to take on the world!

ant crowns.jpg

A lot goes into redesigning a new smile! 


When it comes to your teeth, it is very important that proper material is selected based on your bite, habits, lifestyle, and desires in order to ensure their longevity.

This patient came to us because all her 6 front teeth were splinted together and she could not floss in between them, they were chipped and their size or color did not match her bite or facial features. 




This bride to be noticed that she also needed that perfect smile for her wedding day. With only 3 weeks left, she came to us for her dream smile. 

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